Semi Technology Solutions

Semi Technology Solutions is committed to providing its customers with quality, cost effective solutions to their semiconductor manufacturing equipment requirements.

Equipment Refurbishment

STS can provide equipment refurbishment services for Applied Materials® P5000, Centura® 5200 and Endura® 5500 platforms. We can provide donor equipment or utilize existing tools. Our engineering team will refurbish and reconfigure to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Assembly Refurbishment

Sub-assembly repair/rebuild – The STS technical team can repair and refurbish a variety of sub-assemblies including: RF generators, RF Matches, throttle valves, lift assemblies, robots, heat exchangers, chillers and much more.


STS provides service and support for  Applied Materials P5000 and Centura systems.  Services we provide include

Applied Materials Equipment

Applied Materials® P5000

Introduced in April 1987, the Applied Precision 5000 is the original Applied Materials cluster tool and one of the industry’s first single-wafer, multi-chamber platforms. The P5000 can be configured with up to four process chambers for 100, 125, 150, or 200mm wafers. Additionally, this tool provides multiple chamber configurations for CVD, Etch and photoresist strip applications, supporting more than 50 unique processes.

Applied Materials® Centura

The Centura is Applied Materials’ most versatile platform. Launched in 1992, over 8,000 Centura systems have been shipped to customers around the world. For ≤200mm fabrication the applications supported include CVD, epitaxy, etch, plasma nitridation and RTP.

Applied Materials® Endura

The Endura platform is the most successful metallization system in the history of the semiconductor industry. Endura systems revolutionized semiconductor metallization by delivering breakthrough technologies and levels of reliability, serviceability and flexibility that far surpassed existing capabilities. The vast majority of microchips made in the last 20 years have been created using one of the more than 4,500 Endura systems that have shipped across the globe.